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Head of E-commerce
Been writing computer programs since 13. Very much result oriented, I can work nonstop for days as long as there are coffee and music. I love minimalism as I have seen 'less' being 'more' so powerful in so many ways. I am happy working with Mezzoroni as I have been passionate about business since I was little. At that time I was so impressed that making cookies can earn money, but many say that is simply my attitude towards the complicated business processes.
I am the co-founder of Mezzoroni, therefore, I work hard to fulfill the mission and the goals of the Mezzoroni efficiently and effectively. I plan, evaluate, and improve the efficiency of business processes and procedures. I care leading our employees towards continuous improvement, and goal accomplishment. Daily team and product management requires me to be scrupulous to details, effective, reasonable and creative. Literally nothing goes by without me seeing! I am here for Mezzoroni to ensure excellent customer service from the very beginning to the end.
Production Director
I am the other co-founder of Mezzoroni as well as a professional sewer, business woman, passionate creator. I can count more than 35 years of experience in Fashion and custom clothing industry! It is no surprise to me - I have been passionate about sewing since childhood. Fun Fact: when I was 7 year old I designed and made my very own skirt, everyone at school was jealous. Driven with excitement to fulfill client’s needs I still have more energy than ways to spend it. In order to grow as a person and develop as a specialist, I always attend seminars and lectures to keep up with the latest fashion trends, new technologies and manufacturing equipment. In case of a sewer emergency, seek for me - I am eager to bring that 'dream dress' to the reality. It is a way to save your time for your own perfected style.
Creative Powerhouse
I like to call myself the creative soul in the team. I'm always trying to bring up new ideas or ways to see the world. My responsibility takes over the brand look and communication, so contact me if you have any of such questions! I love handling projects with a camera in my hand and a sketch book in front. Apart from social media processes I am passionate about healthy lifestyle choices including veganism, acro yoga, and interested in such topics as psychological hygiene, animal cruelty-free, minimalism.
I am a style designer and fashion creator. A huge part of my focus is towards sustainable and responsible fashion. I organize and lead zero-waste creative workshops, seminars on how to recycle/reuse/repurpose. I especially admire handmade work, local production, longevity and quality of the product. I draw inspiration from the Japanese Aubi Sabi philosophy of aesthetics, which emphasizes minimalism, exclusivity, and unique forms. Also, when creating, I think not only about the design of a single garment, but also about the most versatile applicability of that design to a personal wardrobe.

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