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ZONI | Linen shaping belt - Mezzoroni

ZONI | Linen shaping belt

Add an elegant touch to your everyday look with this waist belt 'Zoni'. Handmade out of 100% linen, this belt is going to to elevate your style. Just wrap it...

From €23.00
POMELO | Linen drawstring bag - Mezzoroni

POMELO | Linen drawstring bag

Lightweight, durable and beautiful – linen backpack 'Pomelo'. For those who appreciate functionality, simplicity and comfort, backpack 'Pomelo' will be the best match for your everyday adventures. Length: 50cm /...

FARSI | Oversized linen scarf - Mezzoroni

FARSI | Oversized linen scarf

A perfect accessory for the warmer season is this scarf 'farsi'.  Versatile in its simplicity, 'farsi' can be styled and worn in various ways. Put it over your shoulders or...

SKETO | Linen neck scarf - Mezzoroni

SKETO | Linen neck scarf

An absolute must have is the scarf 'Sketo'. Versatile in its simplicity, therefore can be used in various ways. You may try and tie it around your neck, as in...

PAME | Oversized linen bag - Mezzoroni

PAME | Oversized linen bag

This extra-large 'Pame' bag is a must-have to keep all your day-to-day necessities. Featuring minimal interior, lining and a comfortable inner pocket, this convenient and practical handbag will serve you...

If you want to emphasize your style or make yourself comfortable, there is no better way to do so than with accessories, wrap yourself in extra long lightweight linen scarf or put everything you need into oversized bag.

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